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Lots of goodies


Down an alley

Horse and carriage

Real Lace



A horse cart


Bicycles are all over Bruges

The famous Chocolate line

Crazy flavors

The crazy creator

The chocolate workshop


Church where relic of the Blood of Jesus is kept

Off on a canal boat ride

view from boat

Low bridge


Really low bridge


Views from boat





Just like our boat

Church of Our Lady and the Michelangelo sculpture “Madonna and Child”

“Madonna and Child”


Hotel right over the lake

Memling museum

In a former hospital





Pumpkin soup






Started out with another sumptuous breakfast at the hotel, and went off to see the Basilica of the Holy Blood in Burg Square, where the relic brought back from Jerusalem by a Bruges crusading knight obtained it. The ground floor of the Basilica is older in both age and architecture, and upstairs is the “newer” in both respects. We walked around the lower level and then went upstairs to the newer one which was essentially closed except for a peek since Mass was underway. This is where the relic, a small vial of dried red substance said to be the blood of Jesus, is kept locked up.

We then went out of Burg Square and walked along the canals again. Soon we came to a canal tour boat that had no line but was filling up fast Carpe diem! We bought tickets and hopped aboard for a relaxing 30 minute tour narrated by the captain. This was a lovely, and different way to see part go Bruges!

After the boat ride, we finally arrived at the Church of Our Lady where the Michelangelo sculpture “Madonna and Child” resides. This is the one of the many treasures stolen by the Nazis during WWII and found at the end of the war, as shown in the movie “The Monuments Men”. Awesome!

On to the Brewery where a tour had already just started, so we were famished and had lunch instead at a nearby tea shop - Belgian fries with mayonnaise, and waffles of course. We walked a bit more to see a bit of of the Beginhof, where single or widowed women could choose to live as lay Benedictines. On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at the famous “Chocolate Line” where they make amazing and delicious flavors of chocolate.

Dinner that night was at the Peppermolen (The Pepper Mill), run by a couple, where they made a sumptuous meal.

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