Camping Trip to Maine 2014 travel blog

Bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Our boat, "The Lucky Catch"

One of the crew

A sailing vessel

Suited up and ready to catch lobsters!

The lobster traps

Squishy thing

Not big enough


Our Captain

Setting the traps out again

Seal Island

Another catch


Rubber banding

A keeper


Our crew

Tim and his lobster dinner

Anne loves lobster

"Lazy Lobster" - taken out of the shell

Tim is good at this

Jesse loves lobster too and dessert

A flower for dessert?!

We all had a good night's sleep after the two days of extensive driving. It's amazing how the boys have begun to grow up and sleep in. On other camping trips, they were up at the crack of dawn and so were we.

Tom made bacon and eggs for breakfast and the famished ate well. Our trip today was to a lobster boat for a demonstration of the way lobsters are caught.

Right after lunch, we headed down to Portland and the dock of the "Lucky Catch". Finding a parking place was a bit frustrating, but we got situated in a parking garage not far from the dock.

The boat came into the harbor and docked. We were soon on board and told that this was a working tour and anybody who wanted could suit up in rubber coats and overalls. The boys looked just like fishermen!

As we motored out of the harbor toward the lobster traps, the captain and his crew explained the way the traps were set and demonstrated when we came to our first of 3 stops. The winch pulled the two traps up from the bottom and they just fit on the side of the boat where there is a shelf. We saw the catch moving around and the first lobster was measured to make sure it was legal. But it was not big enough and it went back in the water for growing up. There were some other marine crustaceans in the trap and they too went back.

Everybody got a chance to push the freshly bated traps back into the ocean and to do the bating. By the time we had visited the 3 locations, we were tired and ready for a lobster dinner. A typical lobster fisherman goes to 400 traps a day to make a living at this enterprise.

We headed back to Freeport and had our lobster dinner at a fancy restaurant in town before returning to the camp and a wonderful night.

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