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I arrived here at the Grants KOA camp last evening. I decided to have a day of rest before proceeding further. I have some friends that are due in later today so I thought that we would get together tonight and share some good times. We are both headed to the East Coast. They are on there way to Baltimore, MD and I'm of course headed to Waterford, CT.

Drove through the Petrified Forest yesterday after leaving Meteor Crater. On the way to way I drove through a little town called Holbrook. It is on Route 66. I saw the famous Tepee Motel. Since I was driving and there was cars behind me I could not stop and take a picture. I'm traveling on I-40 which pretty much runs parallel to Route 66.

Again when I get to a place that has decent upload speeds I will attempt to load some photos onto the journal. What's a journal with out photos. Saturday I will drive to Tucumcari and stay at another KOA there. The drive is about 250 miles. That is pretty much my limit for the day. Driving a 22,000 pound vehicle any faster than 55 is not safe. So that is what I limit myself to along with 15 minute rest stops during the day and of course lunch.

Got to a place where I could upload photos. The RV park is in the middle of a large lava field. I haven't seen that much old lava since the last time I went to the Big Island

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