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Lexington, TN - Natchez Trace State Park - Pin Oak Campground -...

Lexington, TN - Natchez Trace State Park - Pin Oak Campground -...

Lexington, TN - Natchez Trace State Park - Pin Oak Campground -...

Eddyville, KY to Lexington, TN 0 - our route - 131 miles

Eddyville, KY to Lexington, TN 1 - it's a pretty day as...

Eddyville, KY to Lexington, TN 2 - Murray State University in Murray,...

Eddyville, KY to Lexington, TN 3 - their stadium

Eddyville, KY to Lexington, TN 4 - entering Tennessee

Eddyville, KY to Lexington, TN 5 - Paris, TN - the banner...

Jackson Trip 1 - Kudzu vine is alive and very prolific here

Jackson Trip 2

Jackson Trip 3 - the caboose outside the Casey Jones Museum

Jackson Trip 4 - we are officially in the South now, quite...

Jackson Trip 5 - part of the boardwalk trail at Cypress Grove...

Jackson Trip 6 - a Great Horned Owl at the Nature Center

Jackson Trip 7 - they had four red-tailed hawks

Jackson Trip 8 - a cranky Bald Eagle

Jackson Trip 9 - a Cooper Hawk

Jackson Trip 10 - a Barred Owl

Jackson Trip 11 - a few Cypress Knees

Jackson Trip 12 - we didn't see any very large Cypress Trees...

Jackson Trip 13 - a bat house

Our trip from Eddyville, KY to Natchez Trace State Park, TN was an easy 131 miles through the back roads of Kentucky and Tennessee. Most of it was two-lane but in pretty good shape, the worst being the twisty-turny last ten miles inside the state park to our campsite.

Our campsite is a very long back-in that is almost level which is great since we don't have jacks to level with. We have full hookups with 50 amps which will make for a nice stay. We will need to run the ACs, at least for the first few days since it is so hot. October is nigh so it is time for cooler weather! Our Verizon service is very spotty - one-half bar floats in and out - and I had to use the portable dish to get the satellite. The one on the roof would have worked had we pulled forward a few feet but then we would have been unlevel.

Monday, I tore the bad jack apart to see what was wrong with it and found the gearbox had a broken gear spindle which would require replacement of the whole gearbox and motor. We spent the rest of the day getting the problem resolved. Instead of repairing this jack, we have an appointment for Monday or Wednesday at the latest to get our whole jack system replaced with a newer style. It has really been a hassle but it looks like finally we will have something that will be trouble free, at least we hope so.

Thursday we went into Jackson, TN to do a little hiking in the Cypress Grove Nature Center. To my surprise they also had a small raptor center that had a few owls, eagles and hawks. It wasn't the best taken care of that we have seen but was still nice. It was funny to see this grove of cypress trees in Tennessee as we had no idea there were any this far north. They were smaller than the ones in Florida but still very healthy and there were a few cypress knees as well.

Saturday was time for college football again and surprise, surprise, our Gators managed to eke out a win against Tennessee. There were a number of really good games that we enjoyed.

Tomorrow we head for Red Bay, AL two days earlier than planned to try and get the jack system replaced. We are hoping none of our other appointments will be affected and we will still be able to leave by next Saturday.

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