2014 Into the Great White North (Almost) travel blog

Friday's route

The Big Blue Bug named Nibbles Woodway in Providence, RI

The Black Duck in Westport, CT

The rainbow near Princeton, NJ

We got home late last night and I was too tired for an update. There wasn’t mush to see on the trip home. It was foggy and raining almost all of the way. We managed to stop at a DDD, the Black Duck, in Connecticut. This place would qualify as a Dive. It looks like an old river boat located right on the river (not in the river) under the I95 Bridge. I stopped here once before and the food was pretty good. We had burgers this time, but no pictures because were got there in time to watch the 3rd period of the USA-Canada hockey game. What a disheartening effort put out by the US “pros”. I’m surprised they only lost 1-0. The Black Duck was packed with people, surprisingly so for mid-afternoon on a Friday, but I guess many of them were there to see the game. Not much cheering.

Things brightened up when we got to New Jersey as the clouds began to break and the sun shone through at sunset. There was enough moisture in the air to form a large rainbow when we stopped for gas outside Princeton. I was able to get a picture while we waited. It wound up taking us about 10 hours to get home. It’s more driving than I care to do in one day.

We won’t be on the road again until late March. I’ve got some local work and Sue and I need to catch up on some doctor and dentist appointments, and both Winnie and the Fit need new shoes before we leave again.

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