My 2014 Retirement Trip Hawaii travel blog

Last night we had our introductory meeting for this Road Scholar program. There are 30 in the group. I am the youngest but most of the group will be able to run circles around me! These people don't talk about grand kids or what they do/did. They talk about where they have been/are going. Almost all the group have been on previous Road Scholar programs. One couple has been on 29! I thought I was fairly well traveled but compared to this group I feel very unsophisticated travel-wise. There are several other single people so I am not alone being alone.

To prepare for my trips I bought 3 pairs of light weight non-wrinkle hiking pants. They zip off above the knees to become shorts. They have tons of pockets. One pair is made by North Face and is slightly heavier. I got those at Galyan's. The other two by Columbia I got online. All were on sale for around $45. Usually around $60. For me that is high but I strongly recommend these for travel. Very practical.

The first day I was here I thought I would take a short walk and ended up walking over 3 hours. Trouble is I did not wear socks. I got blisters that have now turned to callouses. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! I intentional bought nice, lightly padded walking socks. No matter how stupid they look I will not leave without them now.

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