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Journey To Tuxpan

Early start to beat the cartel as soon as they went to bed.........

3 Trys to get through Reymosa

Rode right through the Federally checkpoints with no problems.

Had an amazing Breakfast at a local resturant with a dog on the roof greeting us.

Locals in ALMA, young girls, asked to have their picture taken with us and the bikes.

Through this encounter we meet Alex who showed us the back way to Tampico.

Great ride with minimal traffic to tampico.

3 more tries to get out of Tampico...............

Learned the ART of LEAP FROGGING with the Mexican drivers.

Followed insane double semi trailers, fully loaded I might add, passing cars on a blind curve.......Did I say CRAZY............

FINALLY, after several hours of intense riding with the Mexican traffic on a 2 lane HWY we arrive in Tuxpan Auto Hotel. Thanks to the local police who once again, we had an escort service by Tuxpan Police Dept.

No Internet Service at the time and we are posting this at a local internet cafe to come soon..............

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