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Today senior citizens were admitted to the RV show for half price which naturally meant we saw plenty of gray hair including our own. But the 97ยบ heat taxed the endurance of even the younger attendees. Although the Hershey stadium is large and had vendors exhibiting on the arena floor, nearly the entire show was outside. Many of the RV's were plugged in to generators and ran their A/C, but with all the people walking in and out of them, they were still mighty toasty. When we had enough we could go back to the arena and cool off, but the poor exhibitors and salesmen really suffered. We heard that some collapsed from the heat and had to go to the hospital.

We assume that this show is known as the largest because so many RV's are for sale here (the ads say 1,000), but there are relatively few vendors selling products that RV'ers need or think they need after they see them at a show. We need a new water filter and couldn't find anyone to sell us one. There are also only a few seminars. Often we learn lots of new things at those shows and get ideas about places to visit but there was little available here. We didn't make it up and down every row, but did not see many high end motor homes. What we did see were many low priced rigs for sale. It felt like it was a show for folks about to enter the market for the first time. Our friends belong in this category. For many reasons including economy and maneuverability, they would like something small, but Charlie is a big guy and some of the bathrooms and beds were totally unsuitable. You come to shows like this to find out what works for you.

After we had had enough heat, we went to Chocolate World to create our own custom candy bars. Hershey is named for Milton Hershey, creator of the beloved chocolate confection. The first time we came here in 1976 the town smelled of chocolate and you could tour the actual factory. But it became obsolete and couldn't accommodate all the visitors so Chocolate World was created to handle the tourist flow. You can go through a manufacture simulation and attend films show casing the many Hershey products available today. And of course, there is a huge store and restaurant that would send visiting diabetics into a coma. Last time we were here we took a tram through the town and learned about Milton Hershey's life here. The orphanage he founded is still generously funded by proceeds from the candy manufacture.

We had to don hair nets and aprons to make our candy bars today. It was really for show since we never came near the actual product; everything was computerized. We chose what kind of chocolate went into our bars, crunchy additives, and the packaging. Then we rushed back to the campground with the finished product before it melted in the car.

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