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Paddle boats seem to have a problem with navigation.

Dutch pancake

A long narrow building.

The exterior of the Rijksmuseum

Another view of the Rijksmuseum

The line to get in extended around the back of the building....

Inside at last - good thing the pancake was filling - we...

Our two friends (from France) we met in line and made the...

We did the audio tour which was excellent.

A painting of an angry swan defending its nest. Notice the photographic...

The story about the swan painting


You probably recognize this one.

A replica of a Dutch ship - well armed with cannon.

A magnificent library where scholars study.

More of the Dutch Masters'.

An amazing porcelain violin.

The reflection in the water is amazing.

One of the very few religious paintings showing the 3 Marys and...

Bronze statues

A modern painting (1920's)

The stage of the Concertgebouw

A beautiful interior with the "best acoustics in the world."

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Tuning up at the Concertgebouw

We wanted to visit the tulip displays, but the weather was not cooperating with 60% chance of rain. So we headed out for a Dutch Pancake breakfast and a visit to the newly renovated Rijksmuseum. The pancakes were amazing and quite filling, but the wait to get into the museum was over 90 minutes long. We were surprised that photographs were allowed (other art museums we have visited do not allow photography). Here is a sampling of the paintings and other objects we saw in this newly opened (and very crowded) art exhibit. Realize that the "Dutch Masters" had no religious patrons, not nobility to fund their work, but they had rich merchants and the paintings are on a level that seem to be more photographic as we would record life today. A lot of these paintings are fun.

Dinner was a light fare and we headed off to the Concertgebouw hall and orchestra for a concert of Beethoven's 1st, 2nd, and 5th symphonies. The performance brought tears to our eyes.

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