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Roof top breakfast view - lovely!

Stone Town's only Hindu temple peeking above the roof tops

Birds eye view of neighbouring roof tops

Local markets were a good landmark for us (some of the time!)

Plenty of fresh fish here!

Biggest variety of dried sea critters we've ever seen!

Have we been down this way?

Is this the way?

Hang on, we've been down here!

This is new ?

Awake early (0520) to hear the mosque across the lane call to prayer. Great relaxed breakfast in Emerson's roof top Teahouse, the open air dining on top of the hotel. Lovely start to every day.

Did a morning walking tour of Stone Town with Abdul, a young politically-outspoken lad who seemed to have some strong opinions. We covered much of the area that we had walked through the previous afternoon but we gained much more information and a better understanding of the area and history eg. Stone Town is 97% Muslim, contains 56 mosques, 2 Christian churches and 1 Hindu temple.

Lunch at the Spice House, a nearby roof top restaurant an easy afternoon spent relaxing on our verandah.

Finally got our anniversary dinner in the Teahouse with a few drinks to wash it down. Emerson had his chefs create a 7 course degustation in honour of 4th July - a bit surreal in this part of the world!

Another fairly early night although Annie had to sort out a cat fight taking place next to our bathroom balcony with a glass of water. That was fun.

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