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Miles Village

Miles Village

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12th May 2013.

MOTHER'S DAY. Sure seems different being out here.

We went for a drive out to the Weir this morning, plenty of vans making themselves at home but still prefer to be here at Doug's Place.

It is a lot greener at the Weir than when we went out there a couple of years ago and there is actually water coming over the spillway too.

Back into town and lunch of fish and chips from Salty's. Was quite nice too.

We have a stew in the camp oven cooking nice and slowly and judging from the aroma wafting in the door it is going to taste pretty good too. It is a combined effort for dinner tonight, meat and flavourings courtesy of Ma. Veggies and stirring of pot courtesy of The Gnome. I will do a damper to go with it too.

The stew and damper (Cheese and onion with a dash of parsley and of course a can of VB)were by far the best I have ever cooked while camping. Now all I have to do is try and remember what I put in them

13th May, 2013.

Very overcast and chilly morning and doesn't look like improving all that much. We are having a quiet day today, if you can call wood and water replenishment quiet. LOL

14th May, 2013

Last night we had some pickled pork which I did in the thermal cooker. Best $40 investment I have made. It was so tender we didn't even need a knife to cut it.

Heavy rain last night and Rob was out in his undies digging diversion trenches, thankfully nothing much got wet.

Still overcast today but we decided, along with Caz and Greg to go to Miles to have a look at the historic village. Rob and I had been there before and we still say it is one of the best villages of it's kind anywhere.

The Milk Bar was of particular interest as it brought back many memories of the milk bars that we grew up with, the silver milkshake containers, soda syphons and the malt dispensers.

Some of the buildings are the real McCoy that have been relocated and others are replicas that have been rebuilt according to pictures that are available.

At least they keep their admission prices to a realistic level $12 each.

We drove into Miles itself and there was the biggest "WIDE LOAD" that we have ever come across. It was the dump bucket from one of those big mining tip trucks, unfortunately I couldn't get the camera out in time but we all agreed that we wouldn't want to come across it out on the road while we were towing the vans.

Went to the Windsor Pub for lunch, should remember that pub grub up here is HUGE. Chicken Parmy, veggies and chips which you almost needed a crane to get over. Went down well though.

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