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St. Thomas is a popular cruise ship stop, both in terms of the number of ships that dock there and in our own hearts. Over the years when we cruised over the Christmas holidays, we sometimes cruised a week and stayed here the second week. So we feel like we know this little island like the back of our hands, but it’s always interesting to see what has changed. Because it is the low season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there were only three boats docked at Havensight including us and two docked at sub base. Later in the winder it will get so busy some boats will not have dock space at all and have to tender in their passengers.

The only shore excursion we signed up for on this cruise was a snorkeling sail on a catamaran to Turtle Cove. It’s so named because turtles hang out here and even though there were three other snorkeling boats there when we were, the turtles were clearly nonplussed by all the colorful fins flapping around them. They did their turtle business and took no note of us. I followed one grazing on sea grass on the bottom who then came up for air. He could have gone anywhere, but he chose to surface right in the middle of a group of snorkelers, giving everyone a thrill. There were also some picturesque jelly fish bobbing in the waves, but not so many that we worried about getting stung.

The water was clear and warm and even though we were the oldest snorkelers on board, we were among the last to return to the catamaran. It was nice for Ken to give his underwater camera a work out once again. The fish were brightly colored, but on the small side. Considering all the visitors this cove gets every day, it’s a wonder they hadn’t all headed elsewhere.

We wanted to take the cable car up on the hillside to get a nice view of the harbor, but our stop here was too short, so we visited the shops and verified that we had already purchased everything for sale that we liked on previous trips. Liquor is still a bargain here and we can bring home lots since the Virgin Islands belong to the US, but we’re not as motivated to haul heavy boxes around as we were in our younger days. Things change.

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