Spring Break with the Mayans travel blog

The wedding into the water


The view

A day at the hotel relaxing. Tried to sunbathe on the beach and, of course, a thunder storm rolled in.

Spent time in the local area going to all the shops and trying to make deals. Lots of haggling. Took a taxi in to the town itself and spent a couple hours looking at local crafts. Pretty much the same as everywhere else.

Back to the hotel and watched a wedding where the bride and groom walked off into the ocean and dove in the pool - still in their wedding clothes.

A final meal at Mex Extreme and a walk on the beach - got to see the belt of Orion, or, in Mayan, the three thrones symbolizing the three great warrior groups - The Serpent Throne, the Jaguar thorn, and the Waterlily thorn.

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