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The neighbors came out for a going away party for Sam and...

Paul (neighbor) is a big member of the Cole and Sam fan...

Pat and Roy (neighbors) dropped by to wish us well

Beef jerky for the road was geatly appreciated

Barbara and Teresa (neighbors) also came over

Aunt Ilene was there along with Leonard, Aunt Fran, Uncle Alan, Auntie...

The kids were very excited

We carried the extra luggage for The whole crew so we had...

5:00am came quickly

To the vehicle and beyond!

Helena dropped us off in Oakland

On the plane at Last!

Good Bye Oakland

The desert near Las Vegas

Lost Wages by day

Still flying

You see alot of cloudss flying cross country

Thanks Captain Matt!

Sam was wondering, "Do you know how to get to Oakland from...

Cole is a member of the frog legs eater club!

Sam is a member of the frog legs eater club!

Dan is a member of the frog legs eater club!

12:00am, At last we're here!

Today we started our epic family odyssey. Cole, Sam and I left at 7:30am from Oakland. Jill and Cosmo left later from Sacramento. After only two stopovers we arrived in Norfolk. Local time was around 6:00pm and we quickly got our luggage and the rental vehicle. Thanks to the efforts of cousin Mike we got taken care of! It is a brand new Chrysler Town and Country. All the extras, including an DVD player, bluetooth and Sirius/XM radio! Cousin Rhonda, cousin Becky, second cousin Trey and Becky's boyfriend met us for dinner and we all tried frogs legs. Let me tell ya, it must take a lot of frogs to make a meal cause there ain't much meat on dem bones. After dinner the boys and I headed over to Walmart to pick up supplies for the trip. And just as we hit the register Jill called for pickup. Slow traffic (construction) hampered our drive to Williamsburg. It took another hour and a half to get there. we are staying in a real nice resort. By 1:00am all was quite in our two bedroom, two bath condo. More later.. Dan

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