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13 degrees!!

Dragor streets slightly tipsy

a typical Dragor house

Ashley and Karin Dragor Street

Ashley and Karin in Dragor Street

Today's forecast, heard on yesterday morning was for storms. It looked windy with potential for rain but not stormy. So plans were again changed. Stop one was not far east of the Oresund bridge. Ashley had his first kite surfing outing for a while, while Karin and I sat in a cafe on the beach and had a Danish brunch (egg tart, potato and egg sort of quiches, potato cakes, sort of pikelets(?) cheeses, meats, vegie salads breads etc etc.... not many of the pastries which I haven't actually mentioned so far!! On day 1 Karin went to the shop and we had a Danish pastry breakfast! Must admit I would never say no to a good Danish pastry! From the Cafe we could see the surfers going in and out of the water. An education in itself. Its a very individual sport but on the beach everyone helps everyone get kites set up and brought in.

The air temperature was 13 degrees but the water I think colder. Certainly by the time Ashley came out he couldn't feel his feet. We on the other hand were nice and toasty and warm. We had also watched shipping going through the sound on its way into the Baltic sea ports.

The bridge of course was clearly visible as were the many wind turbines. Denmark takes green and clean very seriously. Flying in you could see isolated or small groups of turbines on farms, but here there must have been 50 or more of them.

After the surfing we went into nearby Dragor. Much of the original fishing village is still there in the centre of town. But this is where the new railway extension will go so its probably set to get dearer and bigger. Again we mooched around the streets and checked out a few of those shops that sell all sorts of gift things. Mostly connected to foods, skin care, smelly candles etc and all sorts of knick knacks.

THe trouble with using a phone as your camera is that when you want to take a photo quickly there is a high possibility that you'll take yourslef not the scene in front. Or is that just me!? Anyway I'm sure the ones I missed would have been spekky. They werent too good of me, with my face nearly on the screen. A couple might have even caught Ashley off guard. His dislike of having his photo taken hasn't changed!

Then it was back to Holte (home) and late afternoon tea at a local restaurant. Later Ashley cooked us tea as we sat around looking at some travel photos and talked about where we'd been or wanted to go. My 'want to go' list is fairly stretchy. Ashley and Karin only have the Nile and pyramids on their list. And maybe back to Venice. (australia doesnt count as a tourist destination for them)

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