Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

Here we are! Took an hour from this point to get to...

To the Grove first.

Yes, I needed my O2 at this altitude.

The noisy tram

The original Wawona Tunnel a fallen giant

Another fallen giant

Bunk and Brenda and BIG tree

Tiny person and VERY TALL tree

One area blackened by fire

Bunk and The Clothespin Tree

Bob and a Giant

The Faithful Couple - Two separate trees joining at the trunk

The California Tunnel Tree


The California Tunnel Tree, then

The California Tunnel Tree, now

The Grizzly Giant - Growing a new bark skin over the burned...


The Bachelor and the 3 Graces








Lots of roots!

Where do we go from here?

Brenda's little squirrel

WOW! A feast!


WOW!! Is Yosemite fantastic!! It took us about 1 ½ hours to get there from the campground and then I think it took us about an hour (traffic) to get to the entrance gate. From there, we drove to the Mariposa Grove where all the sequoia trees live. We took the tram up through the grove to the top but got out there and decided to walk back down. There are trails all through the area and the tram driver didn’t stop at the interesting trees long enough for people to get pictures. Luckily, even though the parking lot was over 2 miles away, it was all downhill and we really enjoyed ourselves…and yes, I was wearing my oxygen...just moseying along, enjoying the smell of the pines and being awe-struck at the massiveness of these giants, laughing at the antics of one little ground squirrel that Brenda gave some Frito corn chips to, and taking tons of pictures.

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