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pelicans above

Perdido Key State Park

kite flying

Tarklin Bayou State Park

pitcher plant blooming

ready to deat

mega bug

the bayou

Big Lagoon State Park where we are staying is affiliated with two other nearby parks. The permit in our windshield allows us to visit all three. Tarklin Bayou became a state park because it has at its core a 900 acre collection of pitcher plants. These plants are carnivores and get their nutrition from the bugs and flies they trap. It appeared that the plants had two manifestations - a reddish blossom and a white, speckled trap for the bugs. Or perhaps the reddish blossoms were part of a different plant. We couldn't tell. We needed a naturalist. The boardwalk took us over the boggy land that pitcher plants favor and out to the bayou. A giant bug accompanied us part of the way back on the boardwalk, oblivious to our efforts to photograph it. It is had fallen into one of the pitchers it would have provided enough calories for the summer.

Perdido Key State Park boasted that it had twice been designated as the best beach in Florida. Florida has a multitude of wonderful beaches and this one was a great place to spend the afternoon. The ocean has finally gotten warm enough to make bobbing in the waves a pleasure rather than an exercise in endurance. The beach was clean and wide, the sand was white and sugary and there was more than enough room for young families, spring breakers and geezers like us. A nice off shore breeze kept our kites up for hours with little effort on our part.

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