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Today we sadly leave the Norbottens area, and head back to Stockholm. It would be lovely to have more time here as it is such a beautiful area. Nonetheless I am looking forward to Stockholm as I have heard such great stories from poeple whom have visited there.

The drive to the airport was only about 30 mins so we spent the morning in town, had a bight to eat and caught up on our emails. Following this the flight was later in the day and only for an hour or so, and before we knew it we had landed.

The accommodation for tonight is the AF Chapman, the ship was built in England in 1888 and named Dunboyne. During it's first 25 years it carried trade under the British and Norwegian flags and rounded both Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope.

In 1915 it was moved to Gothenburg and renamed G.D. Kennedy. From this point it was used as a private training ship until, in 1923, the Swedish Navy took ownership and renamed her af Chapman. She continued training ship's boys until she sailed for the last time in 1934.

In 1937 she was towed to Stockholm and permanently moved to Skeppsholmen as navy accomodation. Following World War Two the navy, having no further use for the ship, sold her to the city of Stockholm for only 5000 SEK (under 1000AUD). The Swedish Touring Club quickly jumped at the opportunity to run af Chapman as a youth hostel and paid for her reconstruction and renovation. The grand opening was in 1949.

Our room was quite spacious considering with enough room for a table and two chairs. The portholes let inthe fresh breeze and the sun. The view was of across the water to Gamel Stan - Old town. What a treat and sooo very cheap! Not an eventful day but a good relaxing one so we will be up and ready to go hard tomorrow! Night Night x

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