Anne & Tom's Italy Adventure 2011 travel blog

The view of the passengers from the bus rear view miror

Our hotel room in Taormina

A big square in Taormina

Our group getting oriented to Taormina

Another cathedral

A defunct nightclub


A romantic Italian couple

Dianna, our dramatic local guide

The columns that really did no belong in this theater


The Greek theater with modern seats


Arched entrance

From the top

A view of Taormina from the theater

A sweeping panorama


Steps to the top

Anne sits at the top

The view from the back of the theater over the surrounding countryside

Does anyone have an ode to recite on this urn?

Restaurant where we had another pizza for lunch

Excellent restaurant for dinner

We really enjoyed this meal

There is a well in the middle of the restaurant

The restaurant was down this small street

Entry #15 June 2, 2011

It was another get up early day as we set off for Taormina from Cefalu. We arrived at our hotel just before noon and quickly were off on an orientation. The plan was to meet at the taxi station at 3PM for our walk to the ancient Greek theater. We had another pizza for lunch (it will be a long time before we eat pizza back in the States!) since it seems to be the "safest" thing on the menu. Italian sandwiches are heavy on the bread and light (like one thin slice of meat or cheese) on the filling.

The theater was a disappointment since it had been "modernized" for current performances with white wooden seats covering the original stone. We learned that an archeologist from about a hundred years ago had brought columns in, thinking that was the original construction - but it was not at all authentic. However the columns still stand - now as part of history. Our local guide (Dianna) for the theater is an actress herself and put a lot of "hamming it up" into her spiel.

We had one of the best meals in a hidden restaurant (La Dracena) behind the Cathedral. Tipping in Europe is done with cash and not on the credit card as we are accustomed to do in the USA. Before we left, we got into an conversation with the waitress, complimenting her on how nice the restaurant was and completely forgot to leave a tip! Anne ran back from our hotel and made sure she got the well deserved tip (10% is considered generous).

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