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Twin mountains

The ever-present tracks with trains.

El Paso

More El Paso

At the truck stop

Welcome to New Mexico

Ag/drug checkpoint in NM


Our campsite at Little Vineyard RV Park in Deming NM

Fancy paint job

The other side

Taco ready for bed in his new "nest"

Sunset at Deming NM

More sunset


Out of Sierra Blanca at 10:10 on the road for Deming, NM. Another day of beautiful countryside. Stopped along the interstate several times to get pictures. With all this country, though, we have not seen a single wild thing! No antelopes, snakes, coyotes, birds, roadrunners, javelinas….absolutely nothing. But just watching the mountains “change” as the sun moves across the sky is enough to keep us in awe. I now know why my oldest son chooses not to move back east.


Saw the Rio Grande off in the distance. And I THINK we saw the wall along the border but it was so far in the distance, we can’t be sure. Whatever it was, it went along for many miles and then just stopped. Questions, questions.

Also saw some small shaggy towns along the highway…and lots of trains!

Unfortunately, I’m writing this 2 days later and really can’t remember much of anything else. By 11:30, we had reached El Paso, a city that goes on forever!! And after we got to the outskirts of El Paso, miles of feed lots full of thousands of black and whites…which I always thought were dairy cattle but maybe not.

Pulled into the Little Vineyard RV Park in Deming NM around 12:45.

TOTAL MILES DRIVEN: 188 miles TOTAL TIME: 2 ½ hours with 15 min fuel stop

This is a large, desert-type RV park….gravel all around, little grass, but very clean and neat and just fine for our one-night stops. There are two other Titaniums in our row…both newer and both much bigger! It’s neat to run into others with Titaniums. We spoke with the one gentleman and his wife. They’re from British Columbia. There are a lot of Canadians in this section of the states. I believe more come here to the west than go to Florida.

Here for one night then on to Arizona tomorrow. We’re still on schedule and soon are due for a 2-night stop which I’ll welcome with open arms, LOL.

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