Anne & Tom Visit Italy travel blog

Early morning in Santa Margherita

The marble mountains


Our first look at the leaning buildings


Anne holds the tower up


There were many vendors

A wide view

Tom has his turn holding the leaning tower up



Here we are

Three views




People at the top


A last view

We say arrivederci to our guide, Luciano

In the Pisa train station

The train


The coast

We were tired

In Rome

Checking in at our hotel

We left Santa Margherita on our minibus early, and headed for Pisa. Yes, the tower really does lean quite dramatically. That was fun, and was followed by a trip to the train station in Pisa, where we (just us) boarded the train to Rome, which was a three-hour journey.

Rome is chaotic, but we found the taxi stand and went to our hotel, Capo d'Africa, in the Ancient Rome section - and there was the Colosseum right there! After settling in, we went to a nearby trattoria, which was packed on Sunday night, and had supper. Then we got gelato and walked on by the Colosseum and back to our hotel.

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