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Now that is a crazy cab ride.

How I love traffic! Downtown Jakarta

Looking over Jakarta from the lobby of the movie theater.

Chad and Chris ponder street food. Will I suffer tomorrow?

No texting while driving here:)

A monument to the ego.

The locals love having us in their photos. Just ask Chris.

Picknic with the locals.

Today was our last day in Jakarta now that our whole group arrived. Chad, Chris, and I wandered around town and also when to look for train tickets to head east to Yogakarta about 9 hours from Jakarta. This is where we plan to base out of for a few days. After we purchased train tickets we wandered around Meripada Square by the Mons monument to take some photos and do some people watching. While waiting by the base of the monument locals would come up and want to have their picture taken with us. Also I noted as we wandered around people would take photos of us just like we took photos of them. This came as a surprise that Javanese wanted their photo with an American. As the sun set, we began to head back to our hotel and along the way stopped to pick up a shirt. The clothing here is dirt cheap. I purchased a button up shirt for 5$. Then we ate some street food, Chicken Satay with boiled rice. It was awesome and only $1.20. The food and travel here is dirt cheap. A shared room cost around 8-10 dollars and split is 4-5 a night. An egg with bacon toast and coffee cost $2.20. The real excitement came that evening because the USA was playing in the World Cup. We reserved a place at a bar and had a great time. The USA ultimately tied Slovenia but should have won but do to a botched call by the ref prevented the game wining goal. The ref was later suspended from participating in any other matches for the remainder of the World Cup. Tomorrow our train leaves for Yogyakarta at 0645 in the morning a 9 hour ride further to the east. I am looking forward to a slower pace and more rural experience than the big city. Jakarta is around 9 million whereas Yogyakarta is only about 700,000 not small by any standards but it's not 9 million either.

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