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Last views of Texas cattle

Wide open spaces of northern Texas

West Texas panhandle landscape

Buttes beginning to change the landscape close to the New Mexico border.

Welcome to New Mexico

New Mexico landscape, interesting layers

Lovely landscape

Huge metal Roadrunner. I borrowed this photo from my friend Diane Hitzel...

September wildflowers

New Mexico is famous for its Buttes



This vendor does NOT want you to miss them, I should have...

Wow, clean outhouses at Flying C Ranch!

Oh, lets stop for some Hillbilly Figurines!

Climbing in altitude



Tall buttes

Lava fields along Interstate 40


Starting to show more red layers

We were not this high on the highway, but we had climbed...

More pretty rock formations

Interesting sandstone landmark

More Rte 66 memorabilia - Tee Pee Trading Post with Indian Arts...

The vendors along Rte 66 found some interestng locations by rock formations

Welcome to Arizona

Lovely AZ sunset at the end of our day

Heading west from Amarillo we began seeing different landscape, buttes were forming. Then we crossed into New Mexico, full of lovely buttes. There was a wild sculpture, a large metal Roadrunner. I missed the shot, but I borrowed the photo from our friends Diane & Andy Hitzel (they took the same route, the opposite direction).

There were yellow wildflowers along the road and then miles of billboards for the Flying C Ranch. This old time Route 66 vendor didn't want you to miss his goods.

We began to climb in altitude eventually crossing the Continental Divide. Finally we crossed into Arizona, stopping for the night near Holbrook.

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