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The water's great!!

Ashlynn setting her prized silkworm moth free @ our campsite at last! Thank you Ashlynn!!!

What's all the fuss? I'm just a silkworm moth.

Another relaxing day at Birchview Campground!

The girls were excited when they saw everything they can do at the campground. They thought they could do everything the very first day! Grammy and I made a first class effort to do just that. Well....we ran out of steam way before we did everything at the campground. I guess we'll just have to try again tomorrow.:):) No trouble in going to sleep tonight.:):):):) If only we could turn back our clocks to around our age of 25,maybe we could keep up with them.:):) God sure has a sense of humor,watching us old folks stumble,fall down,or just look silly trying to keep up with the youngsters.:):)

Bottom line is we did survive the first week! :):)

See ya down the road soon!

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