Moon On Tour 2005 travel blog

Ian and Dyan at the first bush camp

Playing the guitar

me in Patagonia when ran out of petrol

Vicky fixing Elle

Cook group plus Nat (note tall pratt in navy blue shirt)

Sea lions

Magellan penguin

Another penguin!!

Me Lucy and Ian at the bush camp by the sea

Paaing thru Chile briefly on the way to Ushuaia

So we left BA on the 24th Feb and began the excessively long drive south to Ushuaia.

Experienced my first bush camp (ie a bit of grass on the side of the road with no facilities!) Yes, peeing in open air is great fun with a dodgy ankle!! Anyway, it wasnt too bad! We arrived in the town of Puerto Madryn on Sat 26th Feb fairly late. It was my cook groups turn this evening (Me, Lucy, Katrina and Peter) and we did a Middle Eastern theme (Kevin does the cooking we just chop!) It was all a bit lengthy anyway and we didnt finish eating til 10. The showers at the campsite were only open from 7-11pm so i asked most of my group if they minded if I went and grabbed a quick shower. Took me longer than expected with gammy ankle and when i got back at about 1055 most clearing up had been done so i sat down with Ian and Pedro for a beer which is when i got accused by Peter in my cook group of being lazy and not working in a team and never cleaning the truck windows (my job on the truck) Well i was a bit gobsmacked and didnt say anything. Then he went on a bit more and made me cry so i told him to stop being a mouthpiece for his f***** gobby girlfriend Claire(irritating ugly essex girl) as I had heard rumours that she was moaning that i hadnt cleaned the windows (BTW this was a made up job because there are so many people on the truck). He then proceeded to have a go at someone else!! What a pratt. When he left i was told that everyone on the previous tour got annoyed with these two after a while as well. She had also made Katrina upset earlier in the evening. Anyway, not spoken to the wet weekend since and am just tolerating the bossy blonde cow at the moment. Hmmm enough of that rant and onto the wildlife!!

Puerto Madryn is the seaside town used as a base for tours to the Valdes Peninsula which is where we headed in the truck with our guide Nora on Sunday. We went to the beach where David Attenburgh filmed the killer whales coming ashore to eat elephant seal cubs but sadly it was too windy and there were none. Saw loads of seals though. Later in the day we saw Sea Lions as well. Excellent day out! That evening went to a nice seafood restaurant and had Paella.

On Monday we went to the penguin colony at Punta Norte which was amazing (see pictures!!!) After that a long drive to another bush camp. This time the setting was amazing - right by the sea - really windy though. The driving is really dull round Patagonia - it's completely flat! All you see are the occasional Guanaco (like Llamas) and Rheas (like Emus) plus sheep and horses! A couple more bushcamps (three days without showers and counting....) and we finally arrived in Ushuaia at the end of the world last night (Thurs 3rd March)! Luckily the campsite has cabins so we have all got beds in the warm for 3 nights!! My sleeping bag is useless in the cold as I found out the night b4 last when it was really windy and cold and I just could not sleep. Need more jumpers and a better sleeping bag!

Anyway, today I have been pottering around Ushuaia. Its pouring with rain! Have managed to buy a headlamp (very useful when camping I have discovered ), a couple of t-shirts and a jumper (yes, Visa is my best friend!!) Need to get some thermals but cant seem to find any yet so going to have another whizz round the shops at 4 when they open again. Tonight we are having our truck fancy dress party and cocktails. I got the letter U so i am going as an Udder. I have a shower curtain, some crepe paper and some marigold gloves. Somehow i dont think it's going to be a very successful outfit but never mind !! Tomorrow we are out all day on a tour of the area incl the Beagle Channel. There are glaciers around but will wait until Torres del Paine to do any walking as apparantly thats much better (plus my ankle is still sore!) Now going to download some photos ....takes forever !!

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