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MJ featuring SW.

Downtown cafe for lunch.

Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan.

The view from the river.

More water, bridges and skyscrapers.

The biggest jelly-bean I have ever seen.

Which one is the real me?

Millenium Park, downtown Chicago.

Chicago’s name ‘the windy city’ has nothing to do with wind velocity and everything to do with how much the people talk. Traffic coming into the city was insane, with people darting into gaps smaller than a smart car, cars crossing at least 2 lanes at a time and often cars from both sides merging into the same lane. But we made it fine into town and drove straight to the United Centre where Steve got to see the statue of Michael Jordon.

Downtown Chicago was a pleasant surprise, it was one of the most livable and entertaining downtown area of any city that we have seen. With a large waterfront park, interactive arts, outdoor movie and concert areas, sport fields and stadiums, theme parks, the miracle mile of shopping, museums…. there is something for everyone within 5 blocks.

Chicago city is built around a river and Chicago’s history seems to be a competition as to who can build the best skyscraper. We took a river tour through the city and out onto Lake Michigan which was a great way to see the city and skyline. On this tour we learned a lot of interesting history including a lot of the gangster (Al Capone) history and that most of Chicago’s waterfront was built on landfill. Also interesting is the fact that they reversed the flow of the Chicago River to flow away from Lake Michigan instead of into it. This was because the city’s waste was flowing into their drinking water source and making lots of people sick. Funnily enough, they are now proud that they have one of the best drinking water sources in the USA, now that their sewage flows down into the Gulf of Mexico.

Chicago’s downtown made the chaotic drive well worth it.

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