2009 Florida Winter travel blog

This blue heron flew away when Blondie and I got close enough...

We found a place to play chuck it with Blondie

She's off like a bullet

Our gulde Scotty Moots telling us about the baby clams

These tanks hold millions of clam larvae

He's holding tiny clams

We took Blondie to a remote road and played chuck it with her for a while. She loved getting out and running. We took a tour of the Southern Cross Sea Farm clam factory at 1:00. We learned all about how they raise the clams until they are over a month old and then they are taken out to the open Gulf of Mexico to grow for about a year until they are harvested. Clamming is a multi-million dollar industry here in Cedar Key. We really enjoyed it.

After the tour we went to the waterfront for a late lunch. I had to try some steamed clams and Sherry tried the clam strips. Later that evening we went to the club house at the campground where Henry and John built a fire in the fireplace and a group came in for a Bluegrass jam session. Fun!

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