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Our flight to Buenos Aires was less than optimal. We had the two seats next to a window with no third seat. However they were the last two seats before a bulkhead which meant that they did not recline very much. There was a small group of passengers that had some gripe about where they were seated. Apparently they threatened to get off the aircraft if their needs were not met. This would have required completely unloading the plane of baggage and would have held us up a long time. Eventually a couple near us was asked if they would move up to the front row. They said sure and everyone got seated so that we could leave. I suppose we were a half hour late.

We were fed a meal about 1:00 AM [which we didn’t need]. Then we tried to sleep. I slept at most 4 hours. I was awake to see a very pretty sunrise. I spent most of the time reading my book. We were eventually served breakfast and then it was back to reading.

Once we arrived in Argentina our first stop out of the plane was to pay the entry fee. They charge in direct proportion to what your country charges their citizens, so our charge [$132.00] was the highest listed. Then we could go and wait for our luggage to arrive. It took some time, but both of our bags arrived. We were glad – we didn’t want to deal with lost luggage problems. We were waved right through customs which was nice. Once into the open area we found a group of seniors waiting around and determined that they were a part of our travel group. We waited with them a few minutes until all had arrived and then they took us out to a coach.

We were driven into Buenos Aires, about 40 minutes away. We had to use some back streets because a demonstration had blocked the main boulevard. The guide did take us by the main square and the pink palace of "Evita" fame. We were soon at a very fancy restaurant in the main part of the city. We were served many courses of local dishes topped off with an Argentinean beef steak. It was all very yummy.

After lunch we went to our hotel which was also very fancy. Our suite was about as large as one floor of my condo. The lighting system was very complex – I never did completely figure it out. All the luxury and yet they charged an arm and a leg for Internet service. Go figure.

We only had an hour before a welcoming cocktail hour, so we didn’t even try to see the city on our own. We rested and I did some typing. The cocktail party had champagne, wine, and finger foods. We ate enough that we didn’t need any dinner. We turned in early because we all had a 4:30 AM wake-up call.

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