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Bubba Gump Shrimp

Heading to Tulamben

Diving Injury (no its not just a graze :P)

The honeymooner's bath :P

Haggling for fish

Sunset at Jimbaran


On Monday we travelled 3.5hrs drive from Kuta up to Tulamben on the north eastern coast of Bali to dive at the shipwreck of the USS Liberty which sunk 10m off the coast during World War II after being torpedoed by the Japanese. The diving was rather unsuccessful, for me anyway, as the visibility was very poor at about 2m which made me feel claustrophobic so I didn’t stay under long at all. Long enough to get a nasty graze and bruise on my knee after the dive master ‘assisted’ me to descend to the seabed and yanked me onto a rock.

After the long trip back to Kuta we headed straight out to Jimbaran Bay just in time to catch a cloudy sunset and have a great (if pricey) seafood meal. I must admit I was VERY hesitant to go near seafood after my last experience but seeing as we got to pick our own LIVE prawns, squid etc I figured it was as fresh as I was ever going to get.

After a few drinks at the Bounty it was about 10pm and I was exhausted. I decided to leave Kirsti and Josh to it and get an early night instead. After the diving earlier all I wanted to do was jump in the shower and go to bed.

But, I went to jump in the shower (which was over the bath) I pulled the curtain back and there was a rose petal bath that must have been drawn hours earlier by the hotel staff. I realised then that my grand plan, of saying I was a honeymooner in order to get free stuff, had backfired. Instead I had to spend the next 15 minutes scooping out cold mushy petals out of the tub just to I could have a shower :P

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