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Well deserved beer

Stunned but happy to have arrived

Chiloe National Park

Ferry ride from mainland

Ryan and both daypacks

Seals frolicking by the ferry

After no sleep we jumped on a bus early the next morning, and headed south. The bus stopped at the river where we boarded a ferry ride to the island Chiloe. The island is the largest in Chile and perched on the edge of the glacial area. The ferry ride was really cool, we got to see lots of birds and some seals playing in the water. It was starting to get colder being so far south and we rugged up in beanies and snow jackets.

Later that afternoon we arrived in a small fishing town and celebrated with a beer looking over the ocean.

The next day we headed further south on the island to Chiloe´s National Park. It was the most beautiful place we visited in Chile. In the national park we got to see our first Humming Birds. They appeared in front of us like apparitions, floating in mid air, hovering. Really amazing birds the way they just zip around...Crazy lil things....

We went for a stroll around the park, but with Alí´s sore back we just stuck to the trails and headed back to were the buses would be driving past. We also got our first glimpse of the pacific ocean massive stretches of isolated beaches with huge pounding waves. A really nice day out.

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