USA Tour ,and on, with Steve, Shirley, and Frances 2008 travel blog

Erev Shabbat Table is set

View from our mountain top hike on Shabbat

Steve and our dog Ginny

Frances on our Shabbat hike

Our first harp and story for a campground crowd

It's Shabbat!

We are so THANKFUL that once every seven days we are commanded to stop our work and REST!

Hallelujah! We were certainly ready for Shabbat!

We were on our way to Boise, Idaho and realizing we weren't going to make it before sundown we found a state park in Eastern Oregon between the towns of LeGrande and Baker City off Hwy 203. Catherine Creek State Park is a small, off the side of the road state park tucked along the creek at the base of a canyon. We camped admist the tall pines and grass, right beside the creek. It was beautiful and restful and so peaceful. We went to sleep at night lulled by the melody of the creek singing to us. We met the park hosts who are earnest Christians and were able to spend many conversations with them about the times we are in.

Shabbat - towards Havdallah - Steve went around and invited everyone to come to our campsite for a time of harp and storytelling. Several in the park came, especially the children - it was fun. I told "A Boy's Lunch" and it was especially rewarding to me to watch their little faces with their big eyes and open mouths.

The weather turned quite chilly towards sundown and everyone began bundling up in jackets and through the night the temperature kept falling with the threat of snow in the mountains.

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