Anne & Tom Visit Ireland travel blog

We hiked the sheep's head trail

Lots of climbing

Through the oozy

Sheep everywhere!

On the top of the ridge




To the sea

Sheep's Head

We had lunch here at the trail head

Later we went out for dinner

This is a elegant restaurant

A decorative tapestry

The starter buffet

Tom's starters

The desserts arranged on the grand piano!

A delightful meal

We hiked out to the end of the peninsula on Saturday, about 4 km round trip from the car park, and had a late lunch there too. Many people were there, but no tour buses - this is off the beaten track, and the hike was incredibly beautiful. Sheep all over the place, very hilly and rocky, and wet in some places (called an "oozy" here), so it was not an easy walk at all - but good practice for our later "walks". That night we ate at a wonderful restaurant called Blair's Cove Inn, several miles away, where we had a truly gourmet meal. Cuisine is big these days in Ireland, with imported chefs and newer ingredients, but these restaurants feature local ingredients, traceable to their source, and sometimes organic.

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