2008 Hawaii travel blog

The end of the road on the north western side of Oahu

Village of the others from LOST

We were LOST

My brother Joe teaches on this rope course

A green sea turtle on the beach at Turtle Cove

The green sea turtle basking in the sun at Turtle Cove

Turtle Cove

Enjoying Matsumoto's shave ice - voted by locals as the best shave...

We went snorkeling here at Shark Cove

At the sacred site Kukanilako people leave gifts on the rocks


My brother Joe took us to the North Shore of Oahu. We started off by going all the way to the end of the road on the northwest coast. After enjoying fantastic views of the Pacific, we went to the YMCA Camp Erdman where Joe sometimes works. We wandered around the cabins which are used as the Village of the Others in LOST. Two of the YMCA counselors came over to see who we were and we found out where some of the other LOST scenes were filmed.

After having our LOST fix we drove east along the north shore and stopped for lunch at Killer Tacos in a small coastal town. After lunch we stopped at Turtle Cove named for the endangered green sea turtles who like to bask in the sun on the beach there. Lucky for us there was one basking on the beach when we got there. Volunteers rope off the area around the turtles to keep people from approaching too closely. We also watched a couple of other turtles swimming in the waves trying to come ashore.

After turtle watching it was time to hit the water so we drove past world famous Weimea Bay to Shark Cove to snorkel. No, there were no sharks! We saw plenty of fish and many that we had never seen before including the Picasso Triggerfish, the state fish of Hawaii. It's Hawaiian name is humuhumunukunukuapua'a - try saying that three time real fast!

We stopped at another beach on the eastern tip of the island before heading back toward Honolulu. We stopped at Matsumoto's for their famous Shave Ice. Shave Ice is kind of like a snow cone but the ice is shaved and much finer. YUM! We passed by the Dole Plantation and stopped at a Hawaiian sacred site Kukanilako where the chiefs and chiefesses came for the birth of their children over 800 years ago.

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