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Campsite Newton Hills SP, SD

The largest wooden nickel in the world

Food for thought (seen on a billboard in Indiana): “on the 10,000th try there was light” with a picture of Thomas Alva Edison.

Food at a next exit sign near Danville, IL: “Possum Trot Restaurant

Steaks, chops & ribs

Question: Are those possum steaks, chops & ribs??

Kickapoo, IL, Kickapoo State Park: Brought to mind the phrase “Kickapoo Joy Juice” - we just can’t place the origin of the term.

Okay, the plains are lovely, peaceful, relaxing and sure beat northeast traffic, but did leave us looking for things to entertain our minds yesterday.

T was excited. After leaving Coralville Lake Campground, we passed and took photos of the largest wooden nickel in the world. It’s located on Dubuque St NE in North Liberty, IA if anyone else is interested.

We were reminded at a rest area near Exit 271 on I-80 that Iowa City was the start of the Mormon Handcart trail. We admire the grit and determination of those individuals who were hounded out of towns they built and forced to head westward, unprepared, pushing their belongings in hand carts. AHH, one more example of religious tolerance in this country’s history.

T enjoyed the rolling hills of Iowa and the neat, well-maintained farm houses and barns.

The false lupine is in bloom and the tall yellow flowers dot the countryside.

A pushed and we made it to South Dakota. Didn’t think we’d get that far today.

We spent the night at Newton Hills State Park near Canton, South Dakota. The park is 12 miles off I-29 but well worth the stop. It’s stunning, the campsites are set out in a circle around the bath and shower houses with lots of space in the center. It has electric hookups, potable water to fill your fresh water tank when you arrive, and a dump station. It cost us $21 but that was because we had to pay a $5 park entrance fee in addition to the campground fee.

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