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Chicago skyline

After all the bad airport news this week, we had one of the smoothest flying days ever. The lines were not long, although security took unusual interest in my carry-on bag and sent it through twice. The plane was full and most of the center section was filled with members of a high school marching band returning to Los Angeles after winning some sort of competition. They were noisier than a plane full of geezers, but settled down to their game boys once the plane took off. All our bags made it here and the hotel was expecting us. Perhaps the delight we take in these mundane details is a reflection of our minimal expectations for days spent flying.

There were blue skies in Chicago and the skies continued to be clear for the entire flight. The snow capped mountains of Colorado were dramatic and we could see the green Colorado River slicing through red rocks of Arizona. Living in metro Chicago makes us feel like the whole country is being paved with asphalt, but there's still a whole lot of nothing between Illinois and California.

The four hour flight also gave us a 50ยบ improvement - we had snow flurries at home this morning. The humidity is low here and flowers are blooming around our hotel room. I am reminded that it was always my dream to live in California. Too bad we won't be here long enough to see how the housing crisis has affected home prices in the area.

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