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Yesterday, after finally getting out of the church parking lot, I traveled across the state on Route 4, past Orlando, Kissimmee, and Disney World. The duct tape covering the edge of the passenger window started coming loose, so I heard worse than whistling noises and got scared that the window might blow out! But I made it to the next destination and put more duct tape over the black molding. When I get to North Fort Myers, the window will get fixed, hopefully.

The weather today is cloudy and cool with a big chance of rain, so I decided not to visit Myakka River State Park today, but do little jaunts. I got clues for 3 letterboxes and went off to find them. Two were in the Myakka River State Forest, which is pretty near the campground. I found one of those boxes, but was unwilling to go into a thicket with lots of spider webs to see if the other one is there. Yep, I was a chicken!

I am camping south of Venice, actually, so while driving up to that city, I stopped at the rookery where I had seen lots of birds on nests last Spring with Chic and Marilyn. I think I got my best pictures of birds there. Anyway, the only thing that was happening was cars going in and out of that driveway because it is the location for early voting in this part of Florida. Floridians are allowed to vote early! I hadn't heard of this before - this isn't absentee voting, but actually going to a polling place and voting 15 days before the rest of us!

I found Venezia Park in Venice because I had my GPS with me. When I found the letterbox, there were many notes from people having a harder time finding the park than finding the box. The box was actually pretty easy to find, as the directions were clear and there aren't that many places to hide a box in a public town park. I wasn't so impressed with the rest of Venice, so I shopped at Wal-Mart and came on home.

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