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Hello all..do not have a long time to write so excuse me answering you all this way...AT ONCE. Town internet is slow. I will head tomorrow to Agua Azul and Me Sol Ha as well as another waterfall on my way to San Cristobal...I am very much looking forward to what I have leaned here. I hung out most of the day at the Runins and the museum here with Raul Morrello www.palenquetourguide.com It was a GREAT DAY!! I leanred a lot about the connection beteen the Mayans and the Egyptian. We also some some great eveidence of Sacred Geometry and even dragons! Amazing energy there as well.

We just had dinner and are now at the Internet cafe before we head back to where I´m staying for some drinks and the musice/fire show there. I leave in the am at 9 for the waterfalls.


Will meet Gord and Leanne in Playa on the 18th..and we all head out on the 19th. Me to TO for a night with Kathy and them to Vancouver. Will write from San Cristobal.

Love and hugs, Evalina

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