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Bobby Vinton

Once again we find ourselves camped with thousands of other RV's on a state fair ground - in Perry, GA in this case. We are attending a national rally, simply titled The Rally. There are some definite similarities between this rally and the one we attended in Tampa in January, which was only the Super Rally. State fairgrounds seem to be ideal spots to have this sort of gathering. The grounds are spacious. Our spontaneous city easily outnumbers any of the towns in the area. Because these facilities are designed for agricultural displays and gatherings, we are informed that we can take showers in the Sheep Barn, Cattle Barn, or Horse Barn. One wonders if these bathing facilities are usually used by our animal friends and is glad that the shower in the motor home is more than up to the task.

Like the Tampa Super Show, there are about a thousand new RV's on display, most probably for sale. However, the vendor area is far larger and presents a satisfying array of gizzmos and gadgets. Sadly, the ones we really like are ones we already own and some things we are looking for like a solar panel, are not for sale here. So much for stimulating the economy.

Unlike the Super Show, there are seminars and talks to attend to learn more about the wonderful world of RV-ing. Some give insights into touring Alaska or rv-ing in New Zealand, one that is of particular interest to us. Others are wonderfully mundane: how to use your RV washer/dryer and not end up with wrinkled clothes, how to monitor the pressure on your tires, 75 great things to do with velcro, etc.

Every evening entertainment is scheduled. After having seen "The Jersey Boys" before we left home, we were really looking forward to seeing Frankie Valli. So we were shocked when the emcee introduced Bobby Vinton. No one in the massive audience flinched, but us. Perhaps one aging crooner who last name starts with "V" is a lot like another. Like Valli, Vinton had a lot of hits over the years, although he was a teenage heart throb quite a few years before I was interested in teenage heart throbs. His voice has held up nicely and he brought a decent orchestra and his son and daughter to back him up. Vinton is a talented musician and played a number of instruments throughout the concert. Technically the arena where he performed was up to snuff and he could wander through the huge hall singing and shaking hands without missing a beat. The audience gave him many standing ovations and it was obvious that he was grooving on all the attention. His children were ready to end the show, but he was not. The audience really got their money's worth.

• Final rally attendance - 8,000 people in 3,439 RV's

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