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The snoozing Wombat

The dozing Koala

The Brisbane Lennards

We've had a good couple of days around Brisbane with the Lennard cousins Jan and Roger. We've traveled up the coast north & south & visited Glass Mountain (named by Captain Cook). We finally managed to catch up with the local livestock at a wildlife park today. Highlight definitely koalas who were all parked in their tree forks snoozing scratching & generally not doing much - as was the wombat who was taking a sunbath. Kangaroos & their joeys wandered around being scratched and fed - very domestic.

We also managed to catch up with Rhonda and John who had stayed with us at the Hay Loft a while ago. We have had chance to find out about building houses and both Jan and Roger and Rhonda and John are building their own houses at the moment. Rhonda and John are building in a wildlife protected area and no one is allowed to keep cats and dogs there at all. Building regs include all things to help the koalas live freely in the area. You are only allowed to plant local plants, fences must have 18 inches open at the base to allow them to wander through the gardens and if you build a swimming pool you must put a rope across it just in case they fall in.

We have also caught up with the rest of the Australian Lennards with a get together last night. I'm typing this while listening to Jan who is a professional Jazz Singer.

Another brilliant couple of days with lovely weather. On to NZ tomorrow.

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