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Marco, Davide, Riccardo, and I at Chichen Itza

Today the 3 Italians and I got up early and went to the Chichen Itza ruins. They were about 2 Kilometers from our hotel, so we walked there. I can´t tell you how amazing it was to finally see these amazing pyramids and buildings built by people thousands of years ago! Chichen Itza is home to the famous pyramid that you probably think of when you think of the Maya. It also has many other buildings including an observatory that they built to track the movements of the sun to amazing accuracy. A picture tells a thousand words, unfortunatly to share my pictures with you I have to find a place that has the right technology. We were able to climb the pyramid and look out at the rainforest with the tops of other Maya buildings peeking out over the canopy.

After about five hours of walking around and exploring this amazing site, we returned to the hotel for a jump in the pool and a shower. Then we sat down to a nice meal. I had the very authentic chicken tacos. The four of us sat and talked about our time together and our homes. The music in the restaurant was, of course, vintage american rock. Our communication is somewhat limited. Marco speaks the most english, Riccardo also speaks a good deal, and Davide speaks next to none, so Marco translates, and sometimes the three of them go into a conversation in Italian that I can´t understand.

All communication limits were washed away when a muzak version of Queen´s Bohemian Rhapsody came on. We all started to sing together. They couldn´t remember many of the words but I was there to remind them and thieir faces lit up. It was a bit sad as I knew our journey together would be coming to an end as they headed to Tulum and I headed to Merida. As I sang ¨just gotta get out, just gotta get out of this place,¨ I thought of what it would be like if I continued with them to Tulum. Then I thought there must be many more adventures ahead of me.

We decided to go for a walk so that the three of them could find some cigarettes. On the walk Marco asked me what I would do tomorrow. I said probably walk around and maybe do some laundry before my bus to Merida came. Then he said that I should join them in their trip to Tulum. These guys are great. They are young and think the same as me. It is also helpful that they speak both Italian and English, as they can communicate with the locals much better than I could on my own. Oon our walk back to the hotel, I told them that I would join them on their early morning bus trip to Tulum. We went back to our rooms to pack our bags and get some much needed rest.

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