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Clear Lake, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

Lilly garden, Neepewa, Manitoba - The Lilly Capital of the World

Downtown Neepewa, where Janine's dad was born. Bet it looked a little...

Sunflower field near Marquette, Manitoba

Sunflower field near Marquette, Manitoba

Today was one of contrasts. We started the day in the quiet wilderness deep in Riding Mountain National Park and ended the day in the big city hustle and bustle of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We started by leaving the campsite through the bison nclosure where there is a herd of bison roaming around. We did not see any on the way in and did not expect to see them this morning.

Near the exit of the enclosure we came across several bison laing down beside the road. They looked just like the label on the old Calgary Beer bottles. Boy do they ever look big when you are sitting near them on a motorcycle! We decided not to stop for photos.

After backtracking on the dirt road back to the paved park road we turned south to Wisagaming, the resort town with-in the Park, similar to Banff or Jasper. In fact Janine remarked the town's atmosphere reminded her of Banff but without the snotty attitude. It has a beautiful beach area on Clear Lake which lives up to it's name.

After lunch at Wisagaming we headed south then east on a paved backroad to Neepawa, Manitoba where Janine's dad was born. It is a nice little town that bills itself as the Lilly Capital of the world. In fact this comming weekend was the annual lilly festival but we did not feel like staying three nights in Neepawa to see it.

From Neepawa we headed to Winnipeg. Rather than get onto the TransCanada highway we turned off onto a gravel secondary road that ran from Westbourne, Man almost right to Winnipeg. It was scenic, almost devoid of traffic and the surface was good enough to travel at highway speeds so in fact this alternate route turned out to be just as fast as the TransCanada.

Once at Winnipeg we checked into a nice hotel, had a very good meal and called it a day. We have no plans for tomorrow and in fact have not yet decided on a route to Ontario. I am realy enjoying this plan as you go style of travel.

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