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Belfast and Ireland in the distance... we'll see you later

Felt like flying to Scotland

be good on the ferry

great day for a drive

more fine cars

This one Sheri please

heading toward breadalbane

view from the condo

look close to second deck on left for Sheri and Barbara

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sound of a fast ferry

We get up early to be in the lobby and call for a cab but because it is Sunday 6:45 he is there in seconds. The short ride over to the ferry terminal and soon we are passing through an airport type security and onto the largest high speed ferry in operation (their words). With 4 jets pushing, it even sounds like a jet on the stern. Inside it is huge with movie areas and food courts. It feels more like a cruise ship than a ferry. In the 2 hrs it takes I say goodbye to Ireland and watch the shore go by. We even pass the boatyard used to build the Titanic. Soon we can clearly see the Scottish shore and then docked and off the boat.

We are left a good distance from the passanger terminal but I found a busdriver willing to bring us the half mile. We look around, no Cramptons to be found. So as we wait I explore and found a nice park with a garden poem inscribed on a rock. The author Gurensy (I think) had a great line that said "you are nearer to the heart of God in a Garden than anywhere else on earth". (look up the entire poem it is nice)

I also discover a couple dozen anitique cars in a hotel lot. As they leave over the next 2 hrs we are treated to a grand show. Mostly Bentley's but almost all in great shape. At the hotel the front desk agrees to let me check into my website cause still no one to get us. As I am logging on Andy walks in and explains that what they thought was a 2 hour ride became a 4 hour one. So all packed in, luggage in the middle of the back seat we head off for our 5 hour ride to Kenmore.

We arrive at 6pm to this very nice time share resort on a lake surrounded by mts. It is just not near anything. From the deck of the second level you look over the lake and to the rolling mountains beyond. We sleep on the pullout and we fall asleep fast.

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