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The toilet situation

You will all be pleased to know that the trots seem to have subsided now and I have not had a toilet visit today and trust me visiting the toilets out here is an experience! We are back on the train tonight so really glad that I'm feeling better. The toilets on the train have a flap that just empties on the track, if you sit on it and press the flap you get a nice cool windrush round the never regions which is most welcome on the train, should be introduced on Virgin trains I think. It gets really hot on the train as you can't open the windows, feels like we are on the way to the concentration camps at times, especially with the very strict carriage attendants (who I think are all the ex soviet union shot putters), who just keep shouting at us in Russian very comical. We cross over the border tomorrow, apparently the crossing can take up to 11 hours with the guards coming on and searching the train and checking the papers, can't wait. I think it was Margaret who put a spell on me with the trots, she is a 64 yr old Canadian who is slightly barking, when she leaves her hotel room she waits by the door to take the energy with her!! We were at a Market the other day and she bought some stones, apparently they talk to her and they asked to be moved, trust me this is no word of a lie. Well you know me it's just to hard to resist not to take the piss, when we were down on the beach the other day I put a stone in a bottel and told her it was a message in a bottle, she didn't see the joke. I not sure she took kindly to me asking if she was a witch either, hence the spell, so being nice to her from now on. Not really sad to leave Irkutsk, not a lot here, although not felt threatened at all as with the other big Cities. I will not be in touch again now for a few days as when we get off the rain again we go straight out to our Ger camp. Hoping to do some horse riding there, but with my history on the horses, thats probably not the best idea!! keep the e-mails coming

Hope your all well.

A slightly slimmer Gary x

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