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Empty hands

Boy waving from field

We had to go down my nomination for the bumpiest road in the world one more time to move on with our safari. Our next campsite was located next to Lake Malawi in the country of Malawi. The campsite was beautiful as we were able to set up our tent right on the sandy beach. Unfortunately, we didn't spend much time here as we were required to move on further north on the lake.

We began to take notice that many of the children were trained to smile and wave at white people in the hope of us giving them something. Rather than waving, some of the children would just hold their hands out. While this was slightly disturbing it's tough not to give them something because they pull at your heartstrings.

What we later learned is that any white face is associated with having a great deal of wealth. Thus, we were always targeted by beggars and street vendors wherever we went. It got really old quickly to be honest.

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