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Local cop, no Glock; a shotgun!

Views from Palenque

The town square

Happy 8 hours!!

At Palenque ruins

Temple of the Skull

Still at the ruins..

A well earned rest

Then climbing all the way back down!

Climbing the ruins

Agua Azur

From behind the waterfall

Saturated after walking behind the waterfall

View from the top of the 2nd waterfall

I travelled to the little town of Palenque from Merida yesterday along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, 9 hours on the bus! It was such a mission. There were 5 minute toilet stops along the way every 2.5hrs but no lunch stop at all. I was ravenous by the time we finally arrived at 6pm.

Today I went to the nearby Palenque ruins, which were completely different to theones in Chichen Itza I had been to. These ones were in the jungle and are still only partially uncovered. It was really quite spectacular to climb up, over, inside and down them. Very very slippery on the limestone in parts though.

After that I travelled over to the Agua Azur waterfalls which were just great! The drop on the first waterfall is about 40m and you can walk all the way around it, which I did and promptly got saturated by all the spray. The second waterfall was actually a group of about 200 mostly small waterfalls over a 1km area, don't worry, I've only posted a photo of one (but took about 50, of which I will probably delete 47!)

Random Mexican observations:

Tipping is expected everywhere for everything. 10% is the minimum, sometimes 15% or more is expected and is tacked on to the bill. I even had to tip 5 pesos to the toilet boy today, who handed me paper as I went into the public toilet!!

Breakfast everyday so far has been a croissant and orange juice. Mexican are really big on their bakeries and especially their croissants, which really suprised me. I always thought that was a French thing!

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