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White Sands

Porch Chairs, Lake Valley NM

Blacksmith Shop, Old Hatchita NM

Window, Old Hatchita NM

From Ruidoso NM we went to White Sands, which I'd never seen. I was completely captivated by the (really) white sand dunes, which are not actually sand, but gypsum. We went at sunset, which is a very popular time to go, and had a great time exploring, taking pictures and watching other people. A (small) group of Japanese tourists were there, including a woman who sang the whole time. Slightly eerie. You can't actually visit the Trinity Site (where the atomic bomb was tested)except for a couple of days a year, but we did pass within 15 miles of it -- you always know it's out there!

We then headed back to Phoenix, by way of Deming and several other "ghost" towns, including Columbus, which is a border crossing and the site of one of Pancho Villa's most notorious battles. We did test the truck's high-clearance capabilities by going out along a VERY primitive road to an old mining town (Old Hatchita) with several very interesting buildings. Beautiful countryside, with a combination of mountain, farming and forest lands.

By now, even I was getting somewhat tired of ghost towns and cemeteries, but mostly tired of the arid, flat and unoccupied parts of southern NM. Ready to head back to the arid, flat and unoccupied parts of southern Arizona.

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