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Amboise Chateaux

Le Belle Vue

Le Chateaux

Sunset (Not from my Chambre window)

Another long day in the saddle, in the main because I took an indirect route along the Loir and then headed south to Amboise on the Loire(note the `e` at the end, siginfying the big borother of the Loir)(50km east of Tours). A beautifuul town with a nassive chateux set on the cliff surrounding the town.

Another day of road-kill spotting and animal smells. Again today was fairly easy riding although pretty hilly on approaching the Loire and I took it all at a fairly leisuerly pace although I still managaged to cover 100km.

Opted to stay in a nice hotel 'the Belle Vue'. A classy name for a classy establishment. Unfortunately my view from the window was probably the woest view of the Loire that one could get. If I opened the window, stuck my head out and closed one eye, the view was fantastic. But I got a crick in my neck so decided never to try that again!

Had a massive pizza for tea and slept like a log.

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