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Once we came to the Florida panhandle, we left the expressway and drove along the coast on highway 98. The welcome center served fresh OJ, but it didn't compare to the elixir we've been savoring in Texas. The panhandle advertises itself as the forgotten part of Florida. Well, it's not forgotten anymore. Except for the part of the highway that moved a few miles north of the coast, we drove through a building frenzy. We can't remember the last time we saw so many construction cranes in a row. We are wondering who they think is going to occupy all these high rise buildings. No one seems to be at all concerned by the hurricane pattern we've been seeing the last few years. These construction folks should head a few miles west and help the devastated occupants of Mississippi living in trailers.

Our goal was St. Andrew's State Park, a beautiful spot we stayed at a few summers ago. At that time it was so hot and humid here that we sat inside with the air conditioner whirring. Now the weather is great for anything you would want to do besides swimming. The sand is so white here, when we glance out the window we feel like we are camped in the snow.

Much better to be here in March, but we find ourselves having to leave again before we wish, because spring break has already started and our current site is reserved for someone else. The park is full of people like us that are in comfortable RV's and young spring breakers in tents raising a ruckus. While we were at the grocery store buying yoghurt and bananas we were behind them buying cases of beer and Doritos. If I were a spring breaker, I would want to be in a warmer spot, but probably the price is right.

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