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Seal blocking the path on Seymour Island


Frigate with inflated gular sac (Left)

This is what marine iguanas at Espanola Island look like

We landed on Seymour Island, famous for its colony of frigates, at 6:20 in the morning.

The frigate birds are known for the large red pouch on their necks. During mating season the males thrown back their heads, inflate the pouch (sometimes to the size of a soccer ball), and shake trying to capture the attention of female frigates. It was interesting, but I'm not much of a bird person.

After breakfast we headed to the airport in Baltra on Santa Cruz Island. During WWII Baltra was established as a US Air Force Base. After the war the facilities were given to the government of Ecuador. Since 1986 Baltra is one of two airports serving the Galapagos.

If I ever come back to the Galapagos again, I would like to see Española Island. Marine iguana's on Española are the only ones that change color during breeding season. Normally marine iguanas are black in color, a camouflage, making it difficult for predators to differentiate between the iguanas and the black lava rocks where they live. On Española adult marine iguanas are brightly colored with a reddish tint except during mating season when their color changes to more of a greenish shade.

I really enjoyed the cruise. I was fortunate to have not had seasickness. I'm actually glad I went with people who were older. When we did see younger groups, they generally finished an island twice as fast as we did. It was nice to take our time and appreciate what we were seeing.

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