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Another top hotel

Left Linz in the late afternoon en route to Stuttgart in Germany, had a short train ride to Salzburg then onto an ICE rain to Germany. Lovely views across the Austrian then German countryside. As the evening drew on and it got darker it also started raining quite heavily. As we got closer to Stuttgart a few announcements on the train PA that I didn't understand had people in a panic. Many people were heading towards the front of the train and I thought that maybe they had been told that we were arriving on a short platform but we were going to Stuttgart so hardly likely. Maybe the announcement was that the end of the train would not be protected from rain on arrival?

When we got there neither were obviously true. I had to get to Winnenden and knew that I needed to get S-Bahn line S3 or splash out on an expensive cab trip. I found the S-Bahn platforms and also some notification that something was closing at 9pm - it was now 8:30pm and there were no S3 trains on the departure board. I found a timetable and there was supposed to be a train at 20:45 but did the whole system stop at 9pm or the station or what. I'd investigated the ticket machines and knew how to get a ticket but waited until the train appeared on the electronic departure board before I made the purchase, I thought I was still going to have to take a cab. S3 to Backnang (twin town of Chelmsford) at 20:45 came up so I bought the ticket and ran to the platform to get it.

On Arrival in Winnenden it was raining but I'd seen on the map on my phone that the hotel was in a street very close to the station. Unfortunately I hadn't realised that it was a very long street. I eventually got to the hotel un-mugged but a little damp and checked in hungry at 9:30. The hotel restaurant was open to 22:00 but looked grim, I had passed a MaccyD just before getting to the hotel and it was a 24hr drive through so that was supper sorted.

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